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Stop Making Excuses

January 20, 2010

stop making excusesDon’t you just love it when you read something and it reinforces everything you constantly pontificate? That’s exactly how I felt reading a great post by Amber Naslund on her altitude blog.

While her blog centers on elevating brands using social media, the ideas in this post pertain to many disciplines.

It’s about excuses. It’s about procrastination. It’s about feeling as though no one’s interested in making progress on projects, trying new ideas or taking a risk. It’s about how there’s always a reason not to do something:

You’re in B2B. You’re in B2C. You’re a non-profit. You don’t have enough time. You have a limited budget. You can’t measure it. You don’t know how to track it. You don’t have any case studies. Twitter is stupid.  Blogging is time consuming. Getting buy-in is hard. You don’t have any fans or comments or conversions. Yeah, but that person has it easy because they have more, better, different, whatever or they’re <insert notable name here> so everything is easy for, It’s Not Them. It’s You., Jan 2010

It’s soooo true.

Just Do It

I have heard nearly all of these excuses in the last several months. My response? Why not just try it? Let’s make the best plan we can, and execute it to the best of our ability. Then, we celebrate what works well and replicate it in the future. We also learn from what could have worked better, and change it for future initiatives.

Jump the Hurdles

Sure, obstacles will be blocking our path. Sure, it may not be easy. Sure, we may be low on resources, time and money. So what? Figure out a way to make it work. Assess the resources you have, determine your team’s strengths, and use them.

Stop complaining about what you don’t have, and find a way to work with what you do.

That’s your job. That’s your obligation. That’s your privilege as a communicator, as a marketer, as a proactive consultant, as you.

What commitment will you make to navigating the obstacles in your way and standing up for what you’re passionate about?

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