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Hire a ‘Professional’ Writer

February 8, 2010

I recently read a post at Writing Roads that referenced “reason 731 to hire a copywriter,” and it got me thinking. Here’s an excerpt:

“So, Reason 731 to use a copywriter? We write speeches, video spots, announcements. We craft your message so that you don’t sound like an idiot. We wordsmith your ideas so that people don’t make YouTube videos that mock you…I dare say, old chap, we’re critical to your successful marketing and promotional experience.”

Do you know any ‘professional’ writers?

I’ve been lucky in my career to work primarily for companies large enough to support their own internal creative staff, including both writers and designers. The business clients rely on these departments for the majority of their writing and design needs.

This is why I’m always amazed at the many times I hear these same clients say things like, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had the money to hire an ad agency?” or “Hey, you’re a copywriter. Do you know any professional writers?”

Huh? Of course I know professional writers. And, so do you. They’re the same professional graphic designers and writers we have on staff. You know, our own creative agency?

Define ‘Professional’

The dictionary defines ‘professional’ as: “engaged in a specified activity as one’s paid occupation rather than as a pastime.” Often times, however, our internal clients forget this fact. They forget that the copywriters, designers and marketers they work with daily are ‘professionals.’

Demonstrate Your Value

This means you have to remind them. You have to constantly demonstrate your value. Show them how you can write it or design it better, faster and cheaper than an external agency. (Not that there’s anything wrong with an external agency, of course, but if you have one in-house, use it!)

And the best part is: You already know them. You know their business. You know their likes and dislikes. You know what it takes to market their product because their product is your product. You work for the same company.

Use this to your advantage. Demonstrate your value, and your clients eventually will come to rely on the service you provide and even begin to think of you as the true ‘professional’ you are.

What challenges do you face in proving your value as a true professional? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Erin permalink
    February 8, 2010 5:19 pm

    Ahhh, a topic near and dear to my heart! I hope that even with reduced resources, our business partners realize the value we bring to the company and all the creative ideas we have just waiting to be shared. I’m looking forward to proving our worth as we get started on 2010 projects.

  2. February 9, 2010 7:15 am

    Erin: Ditto! =) Thanks for the comment.


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