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Feeling overwhelmed? Not so much, no.

March 3, 2010

social mediaMaybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m clueless. Maybe I’m just overly optimistic.

These were the thoughts swirling through my head recently as I listened to the opening question of a ‘social media seminar speaker.’

Who in this room isn’t overwhelmed by social media?

As I scanned the room, nary a soul raised their hand. Including me. But, that was because I was so in awe and disbelief that all 60-plus marketing leaders in the room were truly overwhelmed by social media. Really?

I find myself shaking my head again as I’m writing this post. Really? How is that possible? It’s still marketing. It’s still communication. It’s still PR. As a good friend of mine keeps saying, “Communication is communication.”

He’s absolutely right. Social media just presents a new set of vehicles we, as marketers, communicators, sales people and business leaders, can use to share our message, engage with our customers, have an exchange of information and participate in conversations.

It’s that simple.

Now, are there things to learn about these new vehicles and the technology that goes along with it? Sure, as is always the case with anything new. Are there best practices we can cull and adapt? Of course, as is always the case with any marketing, communication or business endeavor. Are there ways to improve and enhance what we’re currently doing with social media? Absolutely, as is always the case with any of our marketing and communication practices.

So…feeling overwhelmed with social media? Not so much, no. You?

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