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Solve Problems: Stand on Your Desk

March 17, 2010
John Keating, Robin Williams, standing on his desk

Image credit: virtual film history

Unorthodox English teacher John Keating encouraged his students to stand on his desk to gain a new perspective about the world around them in the movie, Dead Poet’s Society.

The idea is to look at your world – the one you live in, breathe in and walk around in every day – from a different perspective.

We all lose sight of what’s right in front of us every day because we get used to it. By changing our perspective – by doing something as simple as standing on a desk – we gain previously unnoticed insights into our world, our situation, our environment.

Why not take the same approach to solving problems? Clients often come to us with the crisis of the day. Because they’re close to the problem at hand, it can seem overwhelming.

The solution? Stand on your desk. (If the boss is around, it may be best to do this metaphorically.) Look at things from a new perspective. You may be surprised at how simple the solution is from that angle.

How do you tackle new problems?

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